For All of Your Insurance Needs

If you are renting your home, it pays to be prepared for when things go wrong. We can show you how to protect yourself from a loss that can occur from fire damage, water damage and theft.

—Henry D. Young, Inc. Insurance Agency

Tenant Insurance

Insurance for Renters is a necessity – don’t wait for disaster to strike to realize just how valuable your possessions are. Remember, your landlord is not responsible for replacing your personal belongings if they are lost due to fire, smoke, vandalism, theft, water damage or other loss.

With renter's insurance, you will be covered with three essential types of protection

  • Personal Property – A Renter’s Policy covers your household or personal property such as clothing, furniture, TV’s, stereos, etc. on premises. It also covers your personal property when you are away from home – such as on a vacation. You can also add coverage for valuable items such as jewelry, antiques, collectibles and furs.
  • Loss of Use – A Renter’s Policy covers your additional costs if your home is uninhabitable due to an insured peril.
  • Comprehensive Personal Liability – Renter’s Insurance provides comprehensive personal liability coverage. It gives you protection when you are legally liable for those accidental trips, falls and other injuries to visitors or guests in your home. The policy also helps pay the visitor’s medical bills if they are injured accidentally while on your property.

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