Affordable Care Act – Notice of Health Insurance Coverage Options

To help you navigate the requirements and implementationof the Affordable Care Act, here is some information that you may find useful.

The Affordable Care Act created a Health Insurance Marketplace, or Exchange, where individuals and small employers can find, compare and purchase health insurance plans. The Marketplace is scheduled to be operational on October 1, 2013.

All employersin New Jersey that are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act [FSLA] (which encompasses most employers)should notify employees that the Marketplace is available by providing them with a “Notice of Coverage Options”by October 1, 2013. However,there is no fine or penalty under the law for failing to provide the notice.Read more about the required notice from the United States Department of Labor [USDOL].

The USDOL has provided model templates that you can use to provide this notice to your employees:

If you need to determine if your business is subject to the FLSA requirements,click hereto find out.

We hope that this information is helpful to you in complying with the October 1, 2013 requirement to provide this notice to your employees.

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