Report a Claim Online​

We hope you never hava a claim, but if you do, we are here to help.

—George & Carol Reese Henry D. Young, Inc. Insurance Agency

Many of our companies have 24/7 claim centers and/or give you the ability to report your claim directly to them at their website – contact and website information is shown below.

Most companies prefer that you report your claim directly to them which speeds up the process of settling your claim. If you cannot reach the company after hours, please leave them a message to return your call or contact us.

Please call us if you would like advice on the ramifications of filing your claim, and explain how the process works to help eliminate frustrations which usually arise from the unknown. Remember, we are always here to answer your questions.

Aegis General Insurance Agency 800-233-2160
Allstate Insurance Co 800-386-6126
American Bankers Flood – Assurant – Login to your Account 800-423-4403
American Collectors 800-360-2277
American Modern Insurance Group – Login to your Account 800-759-9008
AmTrust North America  – Get Mobile App 866-272-9267
Condon & Skelly (email) 877-371-9774 (code 4599)
Cumberland Mutual -(local phone number) 866-794-6398 856-451-4050
Encompass Insurance – Login to your Account 800-588-7400
Farmers Mutual -General Claims (local phone number) -Commercial Auto 800-498-0954 856-935-1851 888-268-3720
Foremost Insurance Co 800-527-3907
Franklin Mutual Ins Co 800-336-3642
Good2Go – Personal Service Ins Co – Login to your Account 800-680-1904
Grundy Insurance 800-338-4006
Hagerty 888-321-8020
Homeowners Choice 844-289-7968
Jimcor Agencies (email) 800-334-0474
Mercury Insurance Group  – Login to your Account  – Get Mobile App for Android 800-503-3724
National Catastrophe Ins Program 801-268-2600
National Flood Insurance Plan 800-767-4341
National Genersl  – Login to your Account 800-325-1088
Neptune Flood 877-420-3689
NJ Insurance Underwriting Assoc 866-654-7526
NJ Skylands Insurance Assoc  – Login to your Account 888-855-4622
Pennock Insurance Inc (email) 800-662-5182
Philadelphia Insurance Cos 800-765-9749
Plymouth Rock Assurance – Palisades / Teachers – Login to your Account – Get Mobile App 844-346-1225 800-437-3535 – Teachers
Progressive – Login to your Account – Get Mobile App 800-925-2886
RPS Bollinger Sports & Leisure 800-446-5311
Rutgers Insurance Companies (AEIG) – Homeowners 800-541-1728
Scottsdale Insurance Co  800-423-7675
Selective Insurance – Get Mobile App – General Claims – Workers Comp – Flood – Service Center – Bonds   866-455-9969 866-293-9795 877-348-0552 804-272-7568 800-777-9656 X-2176
Southern Cross Underwriters (email) 800-866-4684
Swyfft Insurance 855-542-0917
Tapco (email) 888-437-0373
The Flood Insurance Agency  – policy number begins with letter – policy number begins with a number 800-785-2604 877-298-0847
Travelers of New Jersey – Login to your Account – Get Mobile App (scroll to bottom of page) 800-252-4633
United Marine Underwriters 800-477-7140
Universal Property & Casualty 800-470-0599
Wright National Flood 800-725-9472
Zurich North America – US Assure 800-987-3373

So that we can properly service your Claim, please Contact Us