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Does your insurance policy cover satellites falling from space?

By September 23, 2011February 9th, 2022Insurance

You may be wondering today if your insurance policy will cover your property if the “space junk” from the breakup of the 5-ton satellite falls on your home, automobile or busines property.   Falling objects, such as airplanes, hail, asteroids, and satellites are not specifically excluded under a standard homeowners policy HO3 form, which means that damage from falling objects would be covered.  Damage to your auto would be covered if you carry comprehensive coverage on your vehicle.  Business property insurance policies are not standardized, so you should read your policy to find out if coverage for falling objects is excluded.

 In any case, you should read your policies covering your home, auto or business to be sure there are no exclusions for falling objects.  Look for either covered perils or exclusions under the property section, or give us a call to review your policy.

To find out if your homeowners, auto or business policy covers your property for falling objects, give us a call at 856-935-0845 or contact us at our website at

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The information in this article is meant as a guideline only. There is nothing in this article that alters the coverage or interpretation of any specific policy. Because some statements are generalizations, and because different companies’ policies contain slight differences, please refer to your specific policy. Call our office before making any judgements or decisions concerning your particular situation and coverage that may, or may not, apply.