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Hurricane Sandy is coming – Should you evacuate?

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Hurricane Sandy is coming our way. Should you evacuate? Checking the flood map for your city may help you decide.

First – Select your State, County and Town. Then click on “Get Current FEMA Issued Flood Maps”.

Click on “View”, not “Buy” icon. You will be able to see te FEMA flood map for your community to see whether you are located in a flood prone area or not. The darkest shades have highest chance of flooding, grey has medium risk, and white has lowest risk.

Keep informed of current status of Salem County, NJ Emergncy Management at Prepare and be ready to evacuate when alerted by emergency officials. Check the National Hurricane Center to help prepare and take action if you are forced to evacuate.

Also, you can check this Google map to see up-to-the-minute information about the hurricane. You can check this map to see what your chances of storm surge are at your location by scrolling down and checking the box next to the Storm Surge Map, enter your address, and zoom in to see the percentage chance of storm surge at your location.

Our office will be closed until after the storm passes. If you have If you need to report a claim, call the phone number shown on your insurance policy, or you can report it to your company online at our Claim Reporting web page. We will reopen the office as soon as we are able

after the storm. We will continue to send updates about the storm and helpful information as long as we can on our Facebook page. Facebook only sends messages to about 25% of our fans unless they are subscribed to our posts. To make sure you receive all of our updates, please click on the “Subscribe” button at the top of our page. Stay safe everyone …
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