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Tips to stay safe during summer activities – Tip #2 – Grills and Outdoor Pits

By August 4, 2010February 9th, 2022Insurance
Stay safe while grilling outdoorsKeep safe while grilling outdoors. Here are some Grilling Safety Tips from TrustedChoice®.

• Thoroughly clean gas grill at beginning of season. Replace and maintain fire extinguisher near but not on the grill at all times. Never throw a match in a grill, especially after the gas has been on three seconds.
• Never wear a loose apron or loose clothing while grilling. Always wear shoes.
• Always use the grill’s starter button. If the starter is broken, do not use the grill.
• Cover the grill to avoid to corrosion and rusting in both the controls and gas line. Rust can make grill controls hard to read and make the starter button difficult to depress. Consider using a grill with an automatic starter rather than a button starter.
• Avoid cooking foods with a high fat content which can produce high flames. Always thoroughly cook food to a safe temperature.
• Never throw away grill instructions or owner’s manual. Follow manufacturer’s directions carefully.
• Outdoor fire pits are often low to the ground and could be alluring to children. Make sure to keep children away even long after the fire has been extinguished. Fire pits can hold heat for several hours after the flames are gone.

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