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Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

This is National Hurricane Preparedness Week. It runs from May 27 through June 2. The Atlantic hurricane season will officially start on Friday, June 1st. Although the people along the southeastern United States might argue with that date, since they’ve already been hit by a tropical storm.

Do you know what your insurance policy covers in case your property gets damaged? Many policies have a deductible that applies to hurricane damage that is different from their normal deductible. Check the values. Do you have enough coverage? Do an inventory of your “Stuff” as comedian George Carlin liked to call personal property. Take lots of photographs or videos. They will help in the settlement of a claim.

Flood damage is not covered under your homeowners or business property policies. You need to purchase a separate flood insurance to protect yourself from flood damage. Don’t wait until the last minute to get it either. There is generally a 30 day waiting period before new policies take effect. The National Flood Insurance Program has a website with a lot of information –

Call us if you have any questions or would like any additional information.

The information in this article is meant as a guideline only. There is nothing in this article that alters the coverage or interpretation of any specific policy. Because some statements are generalizations, and because different companies’ policies contain slight differences, please refer to your specific policy. Call our office before making any judgements or decisions concerning your particular situation and coverage that may, or may not, apply.

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